Who We Are

We are proud to be an eco friendly junk removal company that prioritizes recycling and reusing products in addition to providing great service to remove all kinds of junk from people’s homes and businesses. We’ve had many opportunities in Edmonton over the last few years to help people with cleaning up their office spaces, investment properties after tenant move-outs, garages, backyards, and so much more! Have the peace of mind that comes with getting rid of your junk and knowing it’s going to be used in an environmentally sustainable way. Book a free quote today!

Why Choose Us

On-site recycling processing

We bring all items to our property to sort, recycle and compost.

Employing locals, supporting our community

Go Green Junk Removal’s recycling facility in Edmonton employs and donates locally, supporting our communities.


We are so passionate about doing the right thing that we became ISO 14001 accredited.


All our processes are set up around this environmental certification to ensure best practice throughout the company. We welcome customers to visit us and observe our team in action.