Worm Composting

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Worm composting AKA (vermicomposting) is the process of using worms to recycle food scraps and other organic material into valuable, nutrient rich soil. Worm castings (the finished product after the worms decompose) are the richest natural fertilizer known to humans and stimulate plant growth more than any natural product on the market because of the ability to reach plant roots immediately, allowing a higher percentage of humus than soil or compost, while providing binding sites for micronutrients that would otherwise wash out of the soil during heavy rain.

Vermicomposting is an inexpensive DIY compost method that not only helps the environment but will create extremely nutrient rich compost for your own gardens and plants. It’s easy and is great for folks living in an apartment or condo. It can be used safely indoors with no smell or mess and it’s easy to start. It’s a great way to help us on our way to creating a cleaner, greener environment by keeping tons of organic waste out of our landfills and into our soon to be thriving gardens!


1/4 lb (200-250 worms): $40

1/2 lb (450-500 worms): $60

1 lb (800-1000 worms): $100

Ask for bulk pricing for 5 lbs+


The Worm Hut

The worm hut is one of the easiest systems you can use; mess free and looks good in your house, apartment, or backyard (note: temperatures below 16 C and above 27 C are not suitable for the worms. Avoid direct sunlight.). This is an extremely breathable flow through worm system made of highly durable fabric; it’s waterproof and is equipped with a zipper mesh top.

Make vermicomposting fun for the family with the worm hut home composter: a system that works well so you don’t have to work hard. Let the worms do the work while you collect the “black gold”- organic fertilizer they leave behind, which is extremely rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

To Use The Worm Hut

Step 1: Fill the worm hut 3/4 full with moist but not soaking worm bedding- shredded cardboard, newspaper, and/or coconut coir, and a few handfuls of compost or soil.

Step 2: Add the worms on top of your bedding. Let the worms settle in for a couple days before adding food.

Step 3: Dig a small trench (4-6 inches deep). Add a small amount of organic kitchen scraps into the worm house and cover with bedding.

Step 4: Let your composting worms go to work for you. Feed your worms once or twice per week and after four months you’ll be ready to harvest your “black gold”: nutrient rich fertilizer. Use it in your garden and sprinkle it in your house plants and watch them flourish.

Tips: -Red wiggler worms breakdown smaller food much more quickly. Try blending your scraps by breaking into small pieces. They’ll compost faster and be happier.

-Be sure to add lots of carbon (bedding materials such as cardboard, egg cartons, leaves and newspaper) with every feeding.

-Avoid foods like onions, citrus, meats and dairy

-Keep your worm composting hut moist but not soaking. Worms breathe through their skin and must be moist to be able to breathe. Usually the food waste contains enough moisture, but we recommend spraying the bedding each time it’s added.

-Do not disturb your worms